August 15, 2011

Mr Pigeon

During World War I, a brave pigeon by the name of Cher Ami (Dear Friend) saved the lives of 194 soldiers known as the "Lost Battalion". Surrounded by the enemy, they sent pigeons carrying desperate messages to their fellow troops only to get shot down one by one. The last homing pigeon left was Cher Ami, the battalion's only hope. As he flew over enemy fire he was shot in the chest and the leg. Severely injured, this courageous bird kept flying and got through to the U.S. forces with the life-saving message dangling from his broken leg.

The humble pigeon is often overlooked, but here on my blog pigeon designs are hatching. Take a look.

Pigeon Pillow: I ordered this pillow for myself. It's made by American Mojo - a great company that helps low income single mothers. The outside is actually a removable zipper cover, and very well made. The back is solid grey. I really love it!

Pigeon Birthday Card
Pigeon Birthday Card: cover says "don't look now" inside, "but there's a birthday coming"
Pigeon Dreams Poster
Pigeon Poster: easy to frame as 20" x 16", or pick your own size
Pigeon Dreams Placemat
Pigeon Placemat  adds a touch of whimsy to the table. 

Pigeon Dreams zazzle_shirt
Sleepy Pigeon Doggy Shirt zazzle_petshirt
Especially fun for dogs
Sleepy Pigeon Tote Bag zazzle_bag
Urban design for Tote Bags
Pigeon Dreams Mug zazzle_mug
and Mugs.

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