November 30, 2011

Toy Robot

Weren't we all supposed to have our own personal robots by now? I remember watching 'Lost in Space' on TV as a kid and envying young Will Robinson with his trusty Robot companion. 

Maybe you don't have a personal robot yet, but having a smart phone is the next best thingThis nifty Toy Robot Phone Case is available in red for iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and Blackberry 
Or here it is in white for Samsung Galaxy and also available for iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Blackberry 
Toy Robot Pillow
This Toy Robot Pillow is great for a kids' room - or a big kids' room, no judgments. Also comes in white.

Mechanical Toy Robot Birthday Card card
Inside this Toy Robot birthday card it says, "Warning! Warning! Birthday approaching! Have a happy one!" 

Toy Robot Holiday Card card
or a holiday card that says "Holiday's approaching!"
Mechanical Toy Robot Mug mug
Start the day with a playful Toy Robot cup. The robot with the phrase "Recharge!" repeats all around.
Mechanical Toy Robot Waterbottle Drinking Bottle
The Toy Robot Waterbottle is pretty awesome too with a mechanical gear design wrapping around the back.
Mechanical Toy Robot Totebag
This Toy Robot Totebag is big enough to carry all your instruction manuals around.
Toy Robot Magnet
The Toy Robot Magnet adds a futuristic-retro look to your office, it also comes in white. And white or red stickers.

Mechanical Toy Robot Notebook
Keep your captain's log in this handy Robot Notebook. Also available in red.
Toy Robot Plate
A grilled cheese sandwich served up on this Toy Robot Plate is every nerd's dream. Also available in white.

Mechanical Toy Robot Shirt Silver

Let your geek flag fly with this awesome Toy Robot T-Shirt.

That's it for my robot designs. 
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