December 30, 2011

Penguin Prints

Nothing compares to a day of walking around and seeing the sights with your best buddy. These dapper little birds know that.

FUNFACT: Penguins are a lot like humans. They are warm blooded, they don't fly, and they mate for life.

Here's a sample of some of the cool Penguin Prints merchandise available exclusively from Flopsock Designs:

I love my new Penguin Prints Plate. Made out of sturdy melamine, it will hold up through the wildest of parties.

Penguin Prints iPad case speckcase
Don't let that new iPad go naked! Dress it up with this sassy Penguin Prints iPad Case.

Penguin Prints Laptop Sleeve electronicsbag
Here's a zippy cover for that person on-the-go, it's Flopsock Design's one and only Penguin Prints Laptop Sleeve.

Penguin Prints Totebag Black bag
Don't go walking in a winter wonderland without the handy Penguin Prints Totebag.

Penguin Prints Notebook Big notebook
Write down your new year's resolutions in this cool Penguin Prints Notebook or jot down your to-do list on a little Penguin Prints Notepad.

Penguin Prints Mug mug
Have a hot cocoa while these little guys make tracks around this adorable Penguin Prints Mug.

Penguin Prints Sweatshirt shirt
Enjoy the chilly weather in this really comfortable Penguin Prints Sweatshirt

Thanks for visiting! View my older posts for more cool merchandise. And check out my latest animation short on YouTube. Cheers!

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