January 31, 2012

I Like Pie

FUNFACT: According to the Urban Dictionary, "I like pie" is a phrase uttered by a person when they would like to politely disengage or change the subject of a conversation.

Duly noted... but I really do like pie. I like to make pies, eat pies and draw pies. And since Valentine's Day is coming up here's a sweet cherry pie served up hot and fresh.

Sweetie Pie Valentine's Card card
Order your Sweetie Pie Valentine Card today. The cover says, "Hi Sweetie Pie!" and the message inside reads, "Happy Valentine's Day!"
Sweetie Pie Plate plate
Have a heaping helping of your favorite dessert served on this Sweetie Pie Plate. Check out more of my plate designs here.
Sweetie Pie Red Mug mug
Say good morning to your Valentine with this Sweetie Pie Red Mug. It has a flirty little cherry pie with a steamy hot heart on one side, and the words "Sweetie Pie" written on the other.
Sweetie Pie Mug mug
Here's a simple white Sweetie Pie Mug version that's not so steamy. See my store for more mug designs.

Sweetie Pie Kid's T-Shirt shirt
The Sweetie Pie T-Shirt looks especially adorable on sweet little kids. See more T-Shirts here.

More cards for Valentine's Day
Spread the love and order a customizable one-of-a-kind card today.

Cuddle Cat Valentine's Day Card
Cuddle Cat Valentine's Day Card: Inside says, "Let's get cuddly."

Dinosaur Valentine's Day Card
Dinosaur Valentine's Day Card: Inside says, "I think you're DINO-MITE!"

Valentine Latte Card card
Here's a great Valentine Latte Card for breakfast in bed. Inside it reads, "Rise and shine Valentine."
Ducky Love Valentine's Card card
Send your Valentine a cute Duckie Love Card.  Inside it reads "Quacky Valentine's Day!" See more duckie stuff here.
Namaste Valentine's Card card
This pink lotus flower Valentine Card is great for yoga lovers. Inside it reads, "Namaste Valentine."

Lotus Flower T-Shirt shirt
Pair it with a Lotus Flower T-Shirt and make a great gift set.
Pink Cupcake Valentine's Day Card card
This perfect Pink Cupcake Valentine Card is a classic. Inside simply says, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Check out my store for more greeting card designs. And remember, everything is fully customizable. Just look for the orange "Customize it!" button.

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon and share this site with your friends. Happy Valentine's Day!

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