November 25, 2012

Peppermint Tea

You can't have a holiday season without peppermint. It's the #1 flavor for this time of year and it's best when served up in it's purest form - as a pot of tea. If you're in NYC, check out Cafe Mogador. Their mint tea is the best any time of year - it's made Moroccan style: lightly sweetened with honey and fresh mint leaves. It's amazing!

Check out these peppermint-infused holiday gift ideas: 

Peppermint Teapot Necklace
Winner of Zazzle's TBA Award (Today's Best Award) 

Peppermint Candy T-Shirt
Candy T-Shirt. Just one little wafer thin mint... 
Peppermint Candy Pacifier
Candy Pacifier. If it tasted like peppermint too this would be a perfect thing.

Peppermint Teapot Holiday Ornament
Teapot Ornament. The ornament also comes without the 'Peppermint' text. And as a Peppermint Candy version.
Peppermint Candy Phone Case iPhone 5 Covers
Candy Phone Case. Shown here for iPhone 5 and customizable for different phone sizes. Also comes in a Teapot version
Peppermint Teapot Totebag
Teapot Totebag. Also comes in a Peppermint Candy version. Great tote bag for holiday gifts!
Peppermint Candy Mug
Candy Mug. Other side says 'Peppermint'. Also comes in a Teapot version.
Peppermint Teapot Plate
Teapot Plate. Also comes in a Peppermint Candy version.

Peppermint Candy Necklace
 Candy Necklace. Also comes in a Teapot version (chosen for Zazzle's Today's Best Award!)

Peppermint Teapot Pillow
Cozy up to a Teapot Pillow. Also comes in a Peppermint Candy version.
Peppermint Candy Clock
It's always time for a treat when you have a Candy Clock
Peppermint Teapot Poster
Freshen up the kitchen with this Teapot Poster. Easily slips into a standard-sized frame. Also available in a Peppermint Candy version.
Peppermint Teapot Placemat
Add some pep to your holiday table with a Teapot Placemat. Also available in kitchen towels.
Peppermint Teapot Magnet
Add some comfort and joy with a Teapot Magnet or Sticker. Also comes in a Candy Magnet and Sticker version.

Holiday Greeting Card Designs:   
Peppermint Teapot Holiday Card
Teapot Holiday Card. "Happy Holidays!" hovers above the spout. Inside says, "May the Season be filled with Comfort and Joy!"

Toy Robot Minty Holiday card
Peppermint Toy Robot Holiday Card. Inside says, "Warning! Warning! Holiday's approaching!"

Toy Robot Minty Ornament
Peppermint Toy Robot Ornament. This holiday design is also available in T-Shirts, Aprons, Plates and Mugs. For more Toy Robot gift ideas, click here.
Penguin Prints Holiday Card
Penguin Prints Holiday Card. A couple penguins on the cover ask "Are we there yet?" inside says, "Next stop is the North Pole. Happy Holidays!"

Penguin Prints Holiday Ornament
Penguin Prints Ornament. For more Penguin Print gift ideas, click here.

Here's a fun animated gif featuring my christmas kitty:

Holiday Cat Greeting Card
Holiday Kitty Greeting Card. Cover says, "Just when you start to get comfortable..." inside says, "Another Holiday comes along. Merry Christmas!"

Bacon HolidayCard
The Bacon Birthday Card turned out to be so popular, a Bacon Holiday Card had to follow. Cover says, "'Tis the Season to be Jolly..." inside says, "Bacon on Everything!" For more Bacon gift ideas, click here.

Red Fish Christmas Card
Fancy Fish Christmas Card. Cover says, "Christmas time is here!" inside says, "Let's get fancy!"

Fancy Fish Ornament
Fancy Fish Ornament. For more Fancy Fish gift ideas, click here.

Gumball Machine Holiday Card
Gumball Machine Holiday Card. Cover says, "Happy Holidays!" inside says "Let the good times roll!"

Gumball Machine Holiday Ornament
Gumball Machine Holiday Ornament. For more Gumball Machine gift ideas, click here.

That's it for my holiday designs. For more gift ideas check out my older posts. Thanks for stopping by!

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