January 12, 2014

Honey Bear

Like bears, ancient man loved honey. For thousands of years it has been consumed for both taste and medicinal purposes. Manuka honey is the best and the most expensive (it comes from the bees of New Zealand who buzz around the Manuka bush). Whatever kind of honey you have, there's been bunch of hard working bees who pollinated like crazy to make it. Much respect, to you little Bees.

Honey Bear Valentine's Day Card
Spread the love with a Flopsock original Valentine's Day Card. Inside it says, "Happy Valentine's Day Honey Bear!" Also available in Khaki and White, and as a Birthday Card.
Honey Bear Baby Shower Invitation
Whether it's a boy or girl, this 2-sided Baby Shower Invitation by Flopsock Designs is a great way to celebrate the occasion. The front says, "A Baby Shower! Sweet!" - customize the other side with your party details. Also available in Red.
Honey Bear Stickers
Stick to a theme and seal your party invitations with a Honey Bear Sticker that says, "Sweet!" - also available in Buttons.

Honey Bear Magnet
Stick a Sweet Honey Bear Magnet on the fridge, also available in White. 

Honey Bear Plate
Serve up some sweet treats on a Honey Bear Plate.

Honey Bear Clock
Stick you your schedule with the help of this Honey Bear Clock. Also available in White.

Honey Bear Apron
It's OK to get messy as long as your wearing a Sweet Honey Bear Apron.
Honey Bear Pillow
Cuddle up with a cute Honey Bear Pillow. One side is khaki, the other side is white.

Honey Bear Phone Case iPhone 5 Cover
Make some sweet tweets with this Honey Bear Phone Case, also available in khaki. Shown here for iPhone 5, it's customizable for a variety of phones.

Honey Bear Mousepad
Stuck in the office? This adorable Honey Bear Mousepad will help to sweeten your workload.
Honey Bear Mug
Drink up with a Honey Bear Mug that says, "Sweet!" on the other side. Also available in Khaki.

Honey Bear Tote Bag
Stick it all a Sweet Honey Bear Tote Bag.
Honey Bear Hat
Look Sweet in a Honey Bear Trucker Cap...

Honey Bear T Shirt
…or a Honey Bear T Shirt.

Honey Bear Poster
Sweeten up your room with a Honey Bear Poster. Available in Khaki and White too.

That's it for my honey bear designs. Stick around and explore some older posts to see more sweet designs.

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