March 22, 2014


I saw a wild fox one night in Edinburgh Scotland. Lit by a single street lamp, we sized each other up then he disappeared into a wooded park. It was kind of magical, like I had walked into an illustration in a children's book. While wolves have their packs, the fox is independent. An unexpected free spirit. Feast your eyes on my foxy new designs.
Foxy Birthday Card
Send a Foxy Birthday Card by Flopsock Designs inside says "Happy Birthday Foxy!"

Foxy Birthday Invitation
Get the party started by sending out some Foxy Birthday Party Invitations by Flopsock Designs. Completely customizable for any party.

Foxy Hat
It's easy to be a chick magnet when you're wearing a Hi Foxy! Hat by Flopsock Designs.

Foxy T-Shirt
Take a walk on the wild side in a Foxy T-Shirt by Flopsock Designs. Shown here on an American Apparel Olive shirt. Also available as a Hi Foxy! version.

Hi Foxy! Apron
Cook up some vittles in a Hi Foxy! Apron by Flopsock Designs.

Foxy Pillow
Cozy up with a Foxy Pillow by Flopsock Designs.

Foxy Mug
Drink up buttercup. Everything tastes better in a Hi Foxy! Mug by Flopsock Designs. Also available in Olive

Foxy Poster
Add a wild touch to your room with a Foxy Poster by Flopsock Designs. Customizable to any size.

Hi Foxy! Tote Bag
Don't put all your eggs in one basket, put some in a Hi Foxy! Tote Bag by Flopsock Designs. Also available in Olive.

Foxy Phone Case
It's OK to be a flirt with a Hi Foxy! Phone Case by Flopsock Designs.

Hi Foxy! Magnet
What's better than a chick magnet? A Hi Foxy! Magnet by Flopsock Designs. Also available in Buttons and Mousepads.

Thanks for checking out my foxy designs. Prowl around my older posts for more flirty ideas.

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