August 31, 2012

Cupcake challenge

I conducted a vanilla cupcake side-by-side comparison of Magnolia’s vs CrumbsMagnolia's little beauty beckoned to me from behind the glass case adorned with it's tiny flower made of sugar and it's decadent swirl of icing. But don’t be fooled, the taste wasn’t there. The cake was grainy and lacked moisture, and the icing tasted too sugary and overpowered the cake. 
On to Crumbs. My humble and unassuming little gem was hiding behind the bedazzled colossal giants Crumbs is known for. The sweetness of the icing was balanced with a butteriness and the cake was moist and light yet firm enough to support the icing. Crumbs brought it! But just to be fair, I will return to Magnolia's to try their other flavors.  

Here's a quick animation I whipped up. Give it a "Like" on You Tube.

A fresh batch of fat-free, no-calorie cupcakes just came out of the oven. My secret ingredients include: 1 cup of iMac, 1 tsp of Adobe Illustrator, and a dash of internet. Have a taste:

Chocolate Cupcake Birthday Card
Chocolate cupcake birthday card: Cover says, " It's your birthday!" inside says, "Bring on the chocolate!" This design is also available as a party invitation, a birth announcement and a baby shower invitation.

Pink Cupcake Birthday Card
Celebrate the sweet life by sending a Pink cupcake birthday card. Cover says, "It's your Birthday!" inside says, "La dolce vita!" This design is also available as a party invitation,  birth announcement and a baby shower invitation.  

Vanilla Cupcake Mousepad
Vanilla cupcake mousepad. Also comes in Pink and Chocolate. Or get a laptop sleeve in Chocolate, Vanilla or Pink.
Pink Cupcake Plate
Pink cupcake plate. Add a Vanilla and Chocolate plate for a festive table design. Also available in Pink, Vanilla and Chocolate placemats.
Chocolate Cupcake Pillow
Chocolate cupcake pillow. Get the compete set by adding a Pink and Vanilla. Or a Vanilla/Chocolate-Combo pillow and turn it over to change the flavor.
Vanilla Cupcake iPhone Case Iphone 4 Cover
Vanilla cupcake iPhone 4 cover. Also comes in Pink and Chocolate. Or get an iPad Cover in Pink, Vanilla or Chocolate
Pink Cupcake Notebook
Pink cupcake notebook. Get a Vanilla and Chocolate too so all your classes are covered. And while you're stocking up on school supplies, don't forget a matching Pink cupcake tote bag (or Vanilla and Chocolate).
Chocolate Cupcake Clock
Chocolate cupcake clock. Also available in Vanilla or Pink.

Vanilla Cupcake Poster
Combine this Vanilla cupcake print with a Pink and Chocolate cupcake print for a tasty trio in your kitchen. These easily pop into a 8" x 10" frame - or choose your own size. 
Pink Cupcake Wristlet
Leave your purse at home. This Pink cupcake wristlet is perfect for partys. Also available in Chocolate or Vanilla.
Chocolate Cupcake Magnet
Chocolate cupcake magnet. Looks great combined with a Pink and Vanilla too.

Vanilla Cupcake Mug
Vanilla Cupcake Mug. Other side says "Cupcakes are sexy." Cupcake mugs are also available in Pink and Chocolate.

That's it for the cupcakes. Check out my older posts or my store for more fun stuff. Thanks for visiting!

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