October 9, 2011

Smokey Bones

FUNFACT:  The art David Sedaris used on his book, 'When You Are Engulfed in Flames' is actually an old Van Gogh painting.


So in homage to Van Gogh, smoke up!

A Flopsock customer sent me this awesome photo:

Shown here are the Mug (the other side says "Smokin' Hot") and the iPhone Case (also customizable to a wide variety of phone styles). Send in your flopsock product photos and I will post them here too!

Smokin' Skull iPad Case
iPad Case

Smoking Skull Shirt shirt
T-Shirt. Shown here on navy blue, but also looks great on dark grey.
Smokin' Skull Plate
Plate: Great for Halloween candy!

Smokin' Skull Towel
Bar Towel. This design is also available for Placemats and Coasters.

Smokin' Skull Notebook
Notebook. Also available for Magnets and Stickers.

Smokin' Skull Poster
Poster. Shown here at 16" x 20" standard frame size, or customize it to fit your space.

Smokin' Skull Wristlet
Wristlet. Stash your smokes in this little party-sized purse.

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