November 12, 2011

mmm... Bacon!

I am on a life long quest for perfectly cooked bacon. Nothing beats it. If it's not crispy, forget it. Send it back! Nothing can compare to a BLT with thin crispy bacon slices stacked high so when you bite in, you get a crunch explosion. Awesome!

Bacon Clock
Clock. What time is it? It's bacon time!

Bacon T-Shirt shirt
Show off your good taste with this fun Bacon T-Shirt.

Bacon Doggy Shirt
Doggy Shirt: Bacon is a dog's best friend

Bacon Phone Case
Bacon Phone Case. iPhone 5 shown here, but customizable for many different phones.
Bacon iPad Case
Bacon iPad Case. Also available in a Laptop Sleeve.

Bacon Birthday Card card

Bacon lovers unite with this funny Bacon Birthday card.
The inside says "Bacon on Everything!" This design is also available as a 2-sided, customizable, Party Invitation and a Holiday Greeting Card.

Bacon Wristlet
Bacon Wristlet: Great to bring to brunch, leave your purse at home.
Bacon Magent magnet
This fun Bacon Magnet adds great flavor to your refrigerator. Comes in stickers too.

Sunny Side Up Birthday Card card

Add a couple eggs for a complete breakfast. This cheery Happy Birthday greeting card says, "Happy Birthday!" on the cover, "Make it sunny side up!" inside.

Here's my new Bacon Towel that I recently ordered for myself. They come in a pack of three. Now I just need to get an Eggs Towel and my kitchen will be totally decked out. Send in your photos of your flopsock merchandise and I will post them here on my blog!

Eggs Magnet magnet
This Eggs Magnet will make your kitchen eggs-tra sunny. Also available in stickers.

Bacon Print print

Get a bacon print to hang over your stove. Easy to frame as 8 x 10, or pick your own size.

Eggs print print

The eggs print brightens up any room and looks great paired with the bacon print.

Smile Plate plate
Have a nice day with this fun Smile Plate. Made out of sturdy Melamine, it won't break no matter how hard your throw it. This Smile design is also available as a mug and a mousepad.
Bacon Placemat placemat
This Bacon Placemat looks great paired up with an Eggs Placemat. This design is also available in Drink Coasters.

Bacon pillow throwpillow
For those who are serious about comfort food the Bacon pillow's perfect. Pair it with the Eggs Pillow for a delicious look to your room.
Sizzle mug mug
Start your day with a cheeky bacon mug.
sunny side mug mug
Or an egg mug.
That's it for my bacon designs. Thanks for visiting. Check out more fun food designs at my Flopsock Cafe. Bon Appetit!

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