July 1, 2012

Mr T

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was once one of the most ferocious predators that ever walked the planet. Unfortunately, he was cursed with comically short forearms that could not reach his mouth. But he was still pretty awesome.
Mr T Rex Greeting Card
Greeting Card Keep your old friendships from going extinct. The front says, "How've you been?" inside: "We haven't seen each other in ages."

2-sided Party Invitation: Your friends miss you. You miss your friends. You are due for a party. Send out this invite, it fits any occasion. Headline on the other side says, "It's time to party!" Customize the text with your party details.

Mr T Poster
Poster: 10" x 10" square
T-Rex Pillow
Pillowcoffee colored on one side and cream on the other. Made of soft 100% grade A cotton. These American MoJo custom pillows are produced by sustainably employed single moms in the USA and contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for single moms and their children.
T Rex Wristlet
Wristletcoffee on one side and cream on the other. A stylish look for every occasion and event.

T-Rex Mug
Coffee Mug: other side says "GRRR!", waterbottles are also available.
T Rex Plate
Melamine PlatePerfect for celebrating a special occasion or creating a fun party table. Pair it up with the coffee colored version for an extra dynamic look.

T-Rex magnet
MagnetComes in a cream colored version too. Get one of each! Also available as sheets of stickers in both coffee and cream.
T Rex Notebook
Spiral Notebook: 80 pages lined in black6.5" x 8.75". Make great desk set by adding a coffee colored version too.
T Rex Laptop Sleeve
Neoprene Laptop SleeveSizes for 10 inch, 13-14 inch, and 15-17 inch laptops. Also available in cream.

T Rex iPad Case
iPad Case: Also available in a coffee.
T Rex iPhone Case
iPhone Case: Also available in cream.

Also available in living color!

These easy-to-frame 8"x10" prints come in OliveFireball and Purple - all set on a deep indigo blue rounded background. They make a bold statement individually - or hang them as a group of three! 

Green T-Rex Baby Tee shirt
Get this design on T-shirts available in all three colors (Olive (shown here)Fireball, or Purple). 

Red T Rex Shirt
T-shirts without the indigo blue background come in Fireball (shown here) and Olive.
Fireball T-Rex iphone case Iphone 4 Case-mate Cases
iPhone Cases come in Fireball (shown here), Olive and Purple. The Fireball color is also available in iTouch Cases and iPad Cases.
Olive Green T Rex Plate
Olive Melamine Plate, also comes in Fireball. Get both colors for a festive looking table setting.
T Rex Pillow
Pillow: Fireball on one side and Olive on the other.
Olive Green T Rex Laptop Sleeve
Olive Laptop Sleeve. Also available in Fireball.

T Rex Wristlet
Wristlet: Fireball on one side, Olive on the other.

Olive Green T Rex Notebook
Olive Notebook. Also available in Fireball.

Fireball Red T Rex Magnet
Fireball Red Magnet. Looks great paired next to the Olive Magnet. Also comes in Fireball and Olive Stickers.

That's it for my T Rex stuff. Thanks for visiting! Check out my animation below featuring Mr T and my favorite car, the vintage Fiat 500. Give it a "Like" on Your Tube. Then see some of my older posts for more fun stuff.

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