April 20, 2012


If someday you find yourself wandering the jungles of India or Southeast Asia keep your ears open because you may actually hear a tiger before you see it. FUNFACT #1: A tiger’s roar can be heard as far as two miles away.

A refreshing dip by a tropical waterfall on your jungle stroll may seem like good idea, but be mindful that unlike most cats, tigers love water. FUNFACT #2: Tigers are excellent swimmers and are never far from jungle streams and pools.

Chack out the cool tiger stuff available from flopsock designs, and visit Panthera.org and help save the tigers.

Tiger Birthday Card zazzle_card
Tiger Birthday Card. Cover says, "Hey party animal." Inside message, "Happy Birthday!"

Tiger T-Shirt zazzle_shirt
Fierce Tiger T-Shirt
Tiger Poster zazzle_print
Tiger Poster. Easy to frame at 20" x 16" or customize it to fit your wall.
Tiger Box planetjill_giftbox
This little wooden Tiger Box is perfect for small jewelry items.
Tiger Pillow mojo_throwpillow
Add a tropical touch to your room with a Tiger Pillow. Also available for plates, placemats, and mugs.
Tiger iPhone Case casemate_case
Get the Tiger iPhone Case and make a call of the wild. Also available for iPad, iTouch, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, and skin decals for a variety of mobile devices.
Tiger Notebook fuji_notebook
Add some jungle flair to your office with this Tiger Notebook. Also available: stickers, magnets, mouse padswater bottles and tote bags.

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to go to Panthera.org and help save the tigers.

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