May 19, 2012

Happy Dog

Do dog's smile? Dog-lover, Charles Darwin says they do. He says that all species share a common ancestor and use the same muscles to express emotions. And as smart as we humans seem to be, we cannot physically express love and humility as well as a dog.

If all this talk is making you feel inadequate, maybe you need to get a dog. But first check out my latest batch of Happy Dog stuff below.
Playful Pooch Dog Bowl
'I smell dinner!' Doggy Bowl

Happy Dog Birthday Card
Birthday Card: cover says, "Sit! Stay!" inside says, "I smell birthday cake!"

Birthday Party Invitations: scampering pup on the front says, "I smell birthday cake!" on the back the happy dog image says, "Sit! Stay!" - Use the 'Customize It!' button to fill in your event details. 

Playful Pooch T-Shirt Dog Clothes
Doggy T-Shirt: says, "Smells like fire hydrants!"

Happy Dog Magnet
Perk up the place with a Happy Dog MagnetSticker, Poster
Happy Dog Notebook
or Notebook.

Check out my animation featuring this cupcake loving dog. Give it a "Like" on You Tube.

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