April 14, 2013


Several years ago my friend and I stayed at the hostel near the Highgate Cemetery in England. I put my shopping bags filled with souvenirs and fancy chocolates on top of my luggage, we locked up our room and set out to see the sights.

When we returned, it was clear that a thief had broken in. My shopping bags were on the floor and the box of chocolates had been torn open and emptied out - but oddly the valuable items were left untouched.

I was about to report it when my friend looked out the window. In the yard below was the red ribbon from my chocolate box with it's candy wrappers strewn across the lawn - and a very jacked up squirrel darting across the lawn. Lesson learned that day: don't trust a squirrel (and shut your window).

Here are some squirrely designs to keep you on your toes.

Squirrel Congratulations Card
Congratulations Card. Inside says, "Well Done!" Also available as a Thank You Card.
Squirrel Thank You Note Announcements
Party Invitation. Fill in the other side with your party details. Also available as Thank You Notes. Seal it with a matching Squirrel Sticker available in Tan or White.

Squirrel T-Shirt
Express your squirrely side in a Squirrel T-Shirt. Also comes in HatsButtons and Belt Buckles.

Squirrel Apron
Get busy in the kitchen with a Squirrel Apron.
Squirrel Gift Box Premium Gift Box
Store your stuff in a special Squirrel Gift Box.
Squirrel Phone Case White iPhone 5 Covers
Keep the chatter going with a Squirrel Phone Case Cover. Shown here for iPhone 5 but customizable for a variety of different phones. Also comes in Tan.

Squirrel iPad Mini Case Tan
Treat yourself to a Squirrel iPad Mini Case. Also available in White.
Squirrel Tote Bag
Stash your stuff in a Squirrel Tote Bag. Also available in Tan.

Squirrel Poster
Perk up a room with a Squirrel Poster. Shown here at 16" x 20" fits easily into a ready-made frame and customizable to any size. Also comes in White.
Squirrel Mug
Get your day started right with a Squirrel Coffee Mug. Also available in Tan and for Water Bottles.
Squirrel Pillow
Curl up with a comfy Squirrel Pillow.
Squirrel Plate
Serve up some munchies on this Squirrel Plate.

Squirrel Necklace
Be adorable with this cute Squirrel Necklace. Also comes in White.

That's it for my squirrel designs. Check out my older posts for more cute crittersThanks for visiting my blog. 

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