March 24, 2013


This is my old 35 mm camera. Unlike my smart phone, you have to load it with the right speed of film, check the light-meter, set the shutter speed, focus the lens, wind the film back into the canister, drop it off at a Fotomat, and after 24 hours you'll have your photos. It is not be user-friendly, but it still works like new and will probably last forever. Check out my snappy camera designs below:
Camera Birthday Card
Birthday Card: the front says, "It's your birthday..." inside says, "SMILE!" Also available as a Party Invitation with matching Camera Stickers.
Camera White Mug
Stay focused with this Camera Mug, other side says "SMILE!" Also available in yellow.
Camera Poster
Brighten up your room with this Camera Poster. Shown here at 36" x 24" it will easily slip into a frame -  or pick your own size. Also available as a Throw Pillow and a Plate.
Camera Tote Bag
Capture all you stuff in this Camera Tote Bag.

Camera iPad Mini Case
Take great iPad pictures with this Camera iPad Mini Case. Also comes in white without the word  "SMILE!" and in yellow and white Phone Cases.

Camera Waterbottle Drinking Bottles
Don't forget to bring your Camera Waterbottle: other side says "SMILE!"

Camera Necklace
You'll look snappy in this Camera Necklace. Also comes in Belt Buckles.
Camera Hat
Show off your old school style with a Camera Hat.
Camera Button
Express your flair with a Camera Button. Also available in Magnets.

Camera Apron
Develop your dinner with a smile wearing this Camera Apron.
Camera Mousepad
Follow me on Instagram: Instagram with a Camera Mousepad. Also comes in Laptop Sleeves and Wristlets.
Camera Pacifier
Keep the little one happy with a Camera Pacifier.

That's it for my camera designs. Thanks for stopping by. Check out my older posts and keep smiling.

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