July 21, 2013


Pier 39 in San Francisco is a great spot to catch some sea lion action. Since the earthquake of 1989, these blubber buddies have been chilling out here by the hundreds. Boats don't dare dock in the vicinity since the sea lions took over. My little salty friend found an inner tube to take a rest on. Swim through more of my Floater designs below.

Floater Phone Case iPhone 5 Cover
Call your buddies to come meet you at the beach with new Floater Phone Case shown here in an iPhone 5 or customize it for your phone. Also available for iPad Mini.

Floater Tshirts
The versatile Floater Tshirt looks great on lifeguards, or people who may need a lifeguard.

Floater Invitation
Get your pool party started with these 2-sided Floater Invitations. Customize it for any kind of pool, hot tub, or beach party.
"Hang in there!" Floater Greeting Card
Send encouragement to those having trouble keeping their head above water with this Floater Greeting Card. The cover says, "Hand in there!" inside says, "The tides are changing." Also available in a Congratulations - Seal of Approval version.
Floater Hat
Keep the sun off with a Floater Hat. Great for fishing.
Floater Print
Add a splash of summer to a room with a Floater Print. Easily slips into a standard 20" x 16" frame, or customize to your own size.
Stay Afloat Mug
Get through your day with a Floater Mug. Other side says, "Just trying to stay afloat". Also available with on water bottles

Floater Mug Blue
The blue Floater Mug says "Coffee to the rescue!" on the other side.
Floater Mousepad

Add some buoyancy to your workload with a Floater Mousepad on your desk.
Floater Totebag
Hit the beach with a cool Floater Totebag. Also available in blue and as a wristlet.
Floater Pillow
Flop down in style on a comfy Floater Pillow.
Floater Pacifier
Get the little one to chillax with a cute Floater Pacifier.
Floater Button
Display your seal of approval with a Floater Button, or a Floater Necklace.

That's it for my Floater designs. Thanks for stopping by. Check out my older posts for more seaworthy designs.

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