September 7, 2013


If you are a clumsy swimmer in an ocean full of predators, it's a good idea to carry a few sharp objects. My spiky blowfish thinks he sees a threat coming at him but the danger is all in his head. Take your time and bob around in my pool of surprising designs.
Blowfish Birthday Card
Birthday's can be scary. Help them enjoy the day with this Blowfish Birthday Card. The front says, "It's your birthday!" inside says, "Fear not, you're still looking sharp!"

Blowfish Surprise Birthday Card
Enlist the troops to show up early with this Surprise Birthday Party Invitation. Fill it in your party details.

Blowfish T-Shirt
Look sharp in a Blowfish T-Shirt. Also available in Blue.
Blowfish Poster blue
This Blowfish Poster easily fits into a standard 16" x 20" frame - or customize it to your own size. Also available in White.
Blowfish Hat
Whether you are going fishing or just a hipster looking for something new, this Blowfish Trucker Hat works.

Blowfish iPad Case blue
Protect your pad with a Blowfish iPad Case. Also available in White and customizable to the iPad Mini.
Blowfish Phone Case blue iPhone 5 Cases
Call for help with a Blowfish Phone Case in hand. Also available in Blue. Shown here for the iPhone 5 but customizable for a variety of phones.
Blowfish Mug blue
Face the day head-on with a Blowfish Mug. Also available in White.
Blowfish Tote blue Tote Bag
Grab your stuff and make a run for it with a handy Blowfish Tote Bag. Also available in a fashionable Wristlet.
Blowfish Button
Don't be shy. Show your flair with a Blowfish Button. Also available in Blue.

Thanks for wading through my Blowfish designs. Check out my older posts for more sharp stuff.

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