February 20, 2017

Flopsock Cards

If you are new to this blog, you might not know that most all of the work I post here (aside from my children's book) is available on Zazzle.com as greeting cards, invitations, and gifts. I've had a top-ranked Zazzle shop since 2009.

The bacon & eggs mug here is a best seller on Zazzle.

Selling on Zazzle is easy. They take care of the printing, shipping and billing. All I have to do is be a designer. But I want to grow my business and sell on a larger scale. Concentrating on greeting cards for now, I'm re-working some of my card designs, re-thinking the messages, and refining the overall look with hand-lettered text. Then I will get them printed to sell in my Flopsock Designs shop.

Below is a sample of my hand-lettering so far. Practice makes perfect with the help from some great online tutorials. It's nice to break-away from the computer for a change.  

Hand-lettering on grid paper with Micron pens.

This is how it will look combined with the image. My lettering skills are far from perfect. But I'm liking the contrast created between my shaky hand lettering and the clean vector illustration.

Hand lettered message combined with vector illustration.

I am working on several different card designs for my new line and will share more details here soon. Thanks for visiting my blog!