July 28, 2012

Beep Beep

The vintage Fiat 500 is my favorite car of all time. If a Mini Cooper and a VW Bug had a baby it would be the Fiat 500. It's cute, sporty and especially amusing to see it filled with 3 American-sized adult men. I don't own a car, but if I ever get one and this will be it. In the meantime, take a road trip with me - check out my animation below. Give it a "Like on You Tube. Then scroll down to see more fun stuff:

Beep Beep! Birthday Card
Beep Beep! Birthday CardCover says, "beep beep!" Inside says, "Look out! A birthday's coming!" This "Beep Beep!" design is also available as an everyday "keeping in touch" greeting card
Beep Beep! Birthday Invitation
Beep Beep! 2-sided Birthday Invitation: each 7" x 5" card comes with a white envelope. Front says, "beep beep!" and you customize the back with your party details.
Fiat 500 Poster
Fiat 500 Poster. Fits into a 24" x 36" standard frame, or customize the size to fit your wall space.

Fiat 500 Pillow
Fiat 500 Throw Pillow. 20" x 20" - made by American Mojo who helps employ single mothers.

Lil' Car shirt
Fiat 500 Sweatshirt. Looks great on a T-Shirt too, just hit the "Customize it" button.
Fiat 500 Mug
Fiat 500 Mug - other side says, "Beep Beep!" This design is also available on Water Bottles.
Fiat 500 Notebook
Fiat 500 Notebook: 6.5" x 8.75"

I think that's enough of my dream car for now. Check out my older posts or my store for more fun stuff. Thanks for visiting!

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