June 7, 2012

Put an Owl on it

Owls are pretty cool birds. They stay up all night, they're smart, and they love it when you pet their head. Everything looks better when you put an owl on it. These three wise guys prove that to be true.

Check out my animated short about a close encounter with a creature of the night and give it a "Like" on You Tube:

Now, scroll down and see all my cool owl stuff that's available.

Owl Birthday Card
Owl Birthday Card: Inside says, "Don't look now, but another birthday is coming!"
Owl Graduation Party Invite
Owl Graduation Party Invite: This 2-sided card comes with matching white envelope. The front says "Don't look now, but someone's graduation party is coming!" Fill in the other side with your party details. Also available as a Birthday Invite.
Owl Pllow Pillow
Owl Pillow: Made by the American Mojo company who helps employ single moms.
Owl Poster
Owl Poster: At 36" x 24" this easily fits into a standard ready-made frame. Or pick your own size.

Owl iPad Case
Owl iPad Case. Also available for iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry, and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Owl Magnet
Owl Magnet. Also available in stickers

Owl Notepad Spiral Notebooks
Owl Notebook. Also available on mouse pads and tote bags.
Owl Placemat
Owl Placemat. Also available on water bottles, mugsplates and pet bowls (cats love owls too).

That's it for the wise guys. Check out my older posts or visit my store for more fun stuff. Thanks for visiting!

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